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    Fail (reboot) during Server 2016 installation (C612, RSTe)


      Hi folks,


      I am having an ongoing issue with trying to install Server 2016.




      Motherboard: Supermicro X10DRi

      Chipset: Intel C612


      - 4x Micron SSD's

      - 1x SATADOM SSD (Supermicro MLC)

      - 1x ATAPI DVDRW


      - 4x Micron SSD's


      UEFI setup: the Micron SSD's are in 2 RAID volumes, one per controller


      Problem being, during Server 2016 setup I load the latest RSTe drivers, AOK. The volumes show up as expected, with the SATADOM by itself. I am able to add partitions to the SATADOM as well. But when I start the installation, at some point during the copying of the installation files from the DVD to the SATADOM, the machine will suddenly reboot. No BSOD, no nothing, just instant reboot.


      Any idea what I can do get this working? I have tried working with the tech support from the vendor and they are more or less stumped.