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    Intel 965 graphics problem


      Hi there!


      A while ago i decided to put my old HP 6720s in use again just for browsing the web occasionally so i freshly installed windows 7.

      now the problem is that my intel 965 chipset grahics crash on windows welcome screen only on clean bootup (after shutdown in windows) BUT

      it works just fine when i restart the machine. Now, when i turn off the pc i have to boot to safe mode just to be able to restart the machine and it boots up normally.

      I've tried a million different driver versions and all seem to have the same problem. WEIRD!


      Help, anyone?


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          Amazingly enough, I actually remember seeing this issue before - but 965 was a long, long time ago and I only vaguely remember the nuances of the situation. If I am remembering correctly, the issue had something to do with the order in which you install the various driver packages. Make sure that the Intel INF Update package is installed first and that you have rebooted before going on to the other packages. Also, make sure that you install the audio driver last.


          Sorry, this is the best I can do considering how long it has been; I hope I am not brain f@rting on the solution.


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