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    NUC7i5BNH - No audio through HDMI (TV) in fullscreen for certain games





      I have an issue regarding audio on my new NUC.


      First of all let me explain my setup:


      I have 2 monitors: one is your common somewhat old PC monitor that connects to the NUC through a HDMI-to-DVI cable. The other monitor is a recent model LGTV which is connected directly through a HDMI cable. Since the NUC only has 1 HDMI port, I alternate between them depending on my needs.


      The PC monitor doesn't have its own audio, I use speakers for sound. There are no issues with this setup.


      The problem arises when I try to play certain games in fullscreen on my LGTV: the audio device manager will detect my TV and keep doing so when the game is started in window mode, however, when fullscreen is activated the TV will dissapear from the audio device manager. It will reappear after a second or two when you alt-tab to check the device manager.


      Since this only happens to certain games, this should be a software issue.


      Games that don't have this issue: Cuphead, Xanadu Next.

      Games that do have this issue: Little Nightmares, Grandia II Anniversary Edition


      As you can see this is a mix of old and new games.


      According to Intel's GPU GUI, my driver version is


      I have made quite a bit of research regarding this annoying problem and haven't been able to produce any desirable results, please help me fix this oddity that no doubt devaluates my NUC.



      UPDATE: Amy C. from another, similar topic suggested that installing version 15.45 ( according to the GUI) should fix the issue and indeed it does.


      ADDITIONAL INFO: I encountered some mild nuisances with Windows 10 regarding driver installations in general and thought I'd mention them in this post to help anyone that has this same audio issue.


      - Windows 10 will keep driver files (in this case Intel GPU + Intel Sound on the hardware manager), even if you uninstall the hardware. Make sure to get rid of the driver files by checking the box on the uninstall hardware confirmation screen, otherwise Windows 10 will update to the faulty drivers again.


      - Windows 10 will automatically try to find the newest drivers for any of your PC components. Unfortunately, this means that it will find and install the faulty drivers again after some time has passed. What's worse is that  there doesn't seem to be a simple way to deactivate the automatic update feature for one specific component. You would either have to fiddle with Windows Registry or disable automatic updates for your PC as a whole.


      Thank you very much, I hope that this fix is integrated into future driver updates.

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          similar issue here.

          HD Audio (like DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD) won't play after the screen switches to full screen exclusive mode.

          Please be aware that standard DTS or DD 5.1 isn't affected, only HD sound.


          In my case I use the NUC7I5BNH only for video playback with PowerDVD (4K-HDR) or MPC-HC (1080p content) and I've recognized very early that only the driver 4678 is working fairly well with full screen and HD audio.

          I've tested every later driver version but no one else worked.


          But also, the driver 4678 has an issue with the audio playback when the application switches automatically to full screen and another refresh rate as 59hz is used.

          The most of my video content is 1080p with 24hz. To prevent judder I switch the screen to 24hz (23hz). In this case I must start the video playback in windowed mode and switch to full screen manually after that.

          But with PowerDVD this work around isn't working. So, I must switch to 60hz (59hz) but this leads to judder with 4K 24hz video content.


          Since yesterday I've also got the issue that windows won't stop to install a newer driver version automatically only minutes after I've installed 4678. I've tried to stop that in the extended system properties and in the group policies but windows still update the driver automatedly....


          Please fix the current driver version!!

          I really would like to use the newest driver version especially after the HDR function was supposed to be implemented with the new WDDM2.3 driver.



          Kind regards

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            I was able to get MPC-HC to play HD sound using the internal audio renderer WASAPI in fullscreen exclusive mode.

            So only the direct sound (directX) is affected by this issue.


            Now I can use the newest driver with WDDM 2.3 and also use MPC for 4K HDR playback.

            But in case you won't be able to change the audio renderer (for example Games) you'll still have sometimes problems with sound in fullscreen mode.