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    DH57JG AHCI issue with a SATA optical drive



      First, some systems specs:

      Motherboard: DH57JG with the lastest BIOS (JGIBX10J.86A.0396)

      Optical drive: TSSTcorp TS-H653G SATA with the lastest firmware (connected on SATA port #2)

      Hard disk: Western Digital WD10EADS SATA with the lastest firmware (connected on SATA port #1)


      I'm experiencing a serious issue with this motherboard. When I enable the AHCI mode in the BIOS, the optical drive is not recognized. The hard disk is recognized, but I can't boot on it (I've have the PXE boot page instead and the message "no bootable device found").


      However, in IDE mode, the both drives works. I can boot on the hard drive and the DVD drive is correctly recognized. But I want use the AHCI mode because hard disk performances are quite crap in IDE mode.


      I have also tried this optical drive and this hard disk on an another computer in SATA AHCI mode : they works.