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    Intel S5000PSL Amber Light


           I had been saving up for about 6 months and finally ordered a xeon x5460, S5000PSL, a 550w Psu, and 8gb ddr2 fb-dimm ram. I also got a molex to 4pin adapter for the other 4pin. when assembled with heatsinks both cpus and both ram, it gives a green and blue light for about 10 seconds, then it goes to green for another 2 seconds while flashing amber 4 times as well. after all that, it ends up staying in this light sequence, amber, blank blank, blank, red, green. it then continues to stop the cpu fans for a few seconds, then starts making the fans go slow then faster then faster then once again faster and they stay like that. it does not beep or output to the monitor!


           Please help I have been waiting my life away for this!