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    Be more realistic about how things going on



      Hi all



      I have one Question to ask from all

      CAN Hardware's   run without Softwares ?

      you can take this many views as you want. but i think it's the time to be real. software use to run hardwares and the major theory is as we know most of the hardware part is done almost 50% than software part. so in IT part we have still stuff to come up with. so this descussion will open for targeting that



      How can the Intel Cores are used to do Real world applications more powerfully , for 22th genaration.



      So all can gether here








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          I'm not an authority in this area, so I invite someone more knowledgeable to answer the question, but I like this question and want to give my perspective. 


          I think we are starting to see hardware take on more of what we relied on software to do.  The software is still there but is now being baked into the silicon where it is faster and more secure.  Intel(r) vPro(tm) technology is a good example of this, where one can manage the PC indepedent of the OS.  However, you need software to take advantage of the management capabilities in the hardware.   So it's an evolving dance, the more hardware takes on, the more software opportunities there are to take advantage of those capabilities.

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            Hay Thanks for responding man!



            You tald the truth but i think it is not what i mean. with  Intel® vProTM processor Technology you can run a large network . but it still need software involment to solve the customers need. so if this technology want's to help to customers it should be solve other more usefull  software requirments with it's hardware powers.



            For eample If there is a CPU with "Intel® vProTM processor Technology + capability of solving Accounting Equations all arounded" , how about it . there is no more software. then it's like a EM system that runs on our Digital Camera.Then we can customize our bussiness needs according to those technologies and then only then we can say "Softwares baked into the silicon




            So Expect  more ideas