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    Noob Question: RealSense 2.0 sdk: does it have face recognition etc?


      I'm pretty new to the Intel RealSense ecosystem. I played a little bit in the past with SR300 camera, and the Unity SDK. Both were pretty fantastic!

      The old SDK could do: gesture recognition, facial recognition, facial land marks, automatic green-screen


      Now that the old SDK will no longer be supported, does RealSense 2.0 SDK support these features?


      I have a project that needs some of the new features on the upcoming D435 camera. 10 meter range! So great!

      But we are all still waiting for pre-order notification.


      Anyway, I want to use the D435 as soon as its available, but I am unsure if the SDK currently supports these features:

      - facial recognition for one person

      - facial recognition for more people (up to 10?)

      - facial land marks

      - simple gesture recognition


      If it is not supported for Unity, thats okay, I think I can write a basic C# wrapper around a C++ DLLs.

      But I cannot write facial recognition algorithms or gesture detection myself... I need an SDK help for those things.


      If you have any advice, please help. Thank you!