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    Intel mobile GM45 chipset and intel 4500M Graphics onboard

      my old mainboard of toshiba L550-11J *PSLN8E has the graphic card  Mobility HD4650.
      I have no garanty because of changing hard-drive.

      So I've done an error-analysis by toshiba and it said that mainboard is  defective. Graphic card OK! They wanted me 480 € to pay to get it  repaired.

      The mainboard is:
      Mobile Intel GM45 Chipset!

      I bouht a mainboard on ebay from the same model of a L550 series, but PSL00P.
      Its the Mobile Intel GM45 Chipset with Intel 4500M graphics. 
      Its the same notebook and the  mainboard fits in, the same dimensions of HDMI, Lan, USB - Outputs. The  screws are exactly on the same positions because of the same plastic  cover of toshiba.

      Well I didn't get it yet, but I've got a question about the graphic  card, I talked with toshiba but the hotline is not competent to answer  that.

      The new mainboard had also the same MXM-port. Well, does it work then?

      I saw in my old mainboard with the Everest-Home Edition  hardware-software that it had the same 4500M Graphic onboard but it was  deactivated. I think that in new mainboard it is activated and I will  not be able to activate the mxm-slot or does it work automatically like on desktop mainboards?

      Raplacement of Mobile Intel GM45 Chipset (Toshiba L550 PSLN8E;  Graphic: ATI HD4650) with 
      Mobile Intel GM45 Chipset (Toshiba L550 PSL00P Graphic:  Intel 4500M).


      Does intel 4500M deactivate automatically when I put my old HD4650 graphic card in the mxm-slot?

      Diffrence between my model of L550 and the new mainboard is the activated onboard graphic,,, Will it be deactivated if I put my card in?
      thanks for help