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    Power Saving Problems in NUC 7X


      Dear All

      I have found some NON Understandable Power Saving problems in my NUC 7i5BNK.


      1:  The displayed windows will be shrinked and moved to top left conner and piled up togather after monitor resumed from power saving.

      This problem is totally non understandable to me.   I am using a 4k monitor, and normally will open about 10 windows at the same time.  I will carefully arange these windows to proper locations and sizes for my working efficency.   I was totally astounded when first time I saw all of my opened windows were shrinked and moved to top left conner and piled up togather.  I have to move and resize all of them to work again.  So, each time when i resume nuc, i will demn it.


      2:  The NUC will not goes to sleep

      The monitor will go to standby normally, but no matter how long time passed, the NUC will persisted working hard, and not goes to sleep.   Since the monitor can goes to power saving by time, i think windows timer is working.  I can make the NUC go to sleep by press POWER BOTTON or by windows commands.  but I am still curios why NUC will not go to sleep by time.


      3:  Keyboard and mouse lose responses when power saving.

      Though the NUC will not goes to sleep, but sometime it do make the keyboard and mouse sleep to dead.   This problem may happens after long enough time should the NUC gose to sleep. When this happens, the keyboard and mouse  will lose response.  and then the monitor will not resume from power saving by typing keyboard/mouse.  I have find  a method by pressing Power Botton to make the NUC realy goes to sleep, and then i can use keyboard/mouse to resume it !  but sometime:


      4:  NUC crushed when press POWER BOTTON

      there are about 1/3 times or less,  when i press power botton to make the NUC gose to sleep,  but NUC will crushed from windows, and will reboot.  at this point, all of my unsaved work will be lost...


      5:  The NUC is not a ACPI computer if Intel Graphic Driver not installed.

      To test why NUC have power saving problems, I have unload Intel graphic and use Microsoft basic graphic driver insteed.  Both windows 10 1703 and 1709 are tested.  The result is, with only Microsoft Basic Graphic Driver, this NUC will be not a ACPI computer.  where both NUC and monitor can not go to sleep.   In windows power manage screen,  there is Only black screen useable, the computer sleep time box will dispear.  when monitor standby time up, The monitor will display a Black screen, but not cut off signal, so the monitor will not gose standby.  but, at this time, the desktop windows will not be shrinked and moved.


      If anyone have similar experiences, do please let Intel knows!



      William Wang


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