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    Miracast fullHD video



      I need a new laptop. It's purpose will be displaying a presentations and videos on 2 projectors - one connected via HDMI, second one via Miracast (their output will be the same - you can join second and third display in Windows). The most performace-demanding task will be playing fullHD video. I hoped that Intel HD Graphics 500 (on Intel Celeron N3350) will do, but I have bought Asus VivoBook E12 for that purpose and sadly realized, that it barely plays fullHD youtube video on it's screen (processor clocks up to 2.3GHz) - moving the video to the second screen (the one projected via Miracast) made playback choppy.


      Do you think Intel HD Graphics 505 will handle this? If not, what about Intel HD Graphics 520? Or maybe I really need dedicated NVIDIA for this?


      Does anyone have any experience with playing fullHD over Miracast? Any help will be appreciated!