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    Collage Mode is unavailable when using laptop's screen+a monitor


      I've ensured my driver up-to-date already.

      When I connect 2 outside screens to my laptop,I can find the 'Collage' in the Intel control panel

      But in this case,I can only combine the 2 outside monitors,exclude my laptop's inside monitor

      Still,this does not work when I use my laptop's monitor+an outside one(only 3 multi-screen modes can be found)


      So,it seems that the monitor inside my laptop can't be used or recognized by the collage mode???? but can be used as extensions?

      What's the problem then?

      I truly want to make a triple monitor gaming,but you know,unable to use my laptop's inside monitor

      (My nvidia gpu(MX150) is unable to manage the multi-screen,so I have to go through the Intel G panel)


      If that's the driver's issue,can it be improved?