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    S2600COE reverts to BIOS defaults, only one CPU showing


      I managed to score one of these, here's what's happening.


      I get a post, and the BIOS settings will not save. E5-2643 cpus, swapped CMOS battery, jumper for BIOS reset is at 1-2 all jumpers appears to be 1-2 defaults.


      Also my second cpu isn't showing in BIOS but if I move it over to the 1st socket it posts so I have good chips. Did I miss something? Does the memory have to be installed a special way for the 2nd CPU to show? Steppings are identical and are of the same CPU. Pins look aligned on the socket. Did I done goof'd somewhere? I don't seem to remember having these issues on my S5000XVN install.