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    NUC6CAYH randomly freezes


      There are a few threads here on this forum regarding NUC6CAYH becoming unreachable over the network after certain amount of time.


      Initially I thought that it's a LAN card issue but then I decided to run a crontab script every 5 minute:


      */5 * * * * ~/just-logging-timestamp.sh >> ~/timestamp.log


      So after running the above script it turned out that when the NUC is unreachable over the network, it's in fact frozen, because the timestamp script is not logging anything.


      After I restart the NUC from the power wall, I can login again over SSH and I can see that the logs are missing for the time period when the NUC was unreachable.


      I'm currently using BIOS 38, and I can upgrade to 41 although I don't see anything related to my issue in the changelog. Obviously even if I update the BIOS it will take some time before I can report back with the results.


      Here is the overview of the timestamp script log so far:


      - YYYY-MM-DD

      - 2017-10-27 - froze

      - 2017-10-18 - froze

      - 2017-10-02 - manual restart (other reasons)

      - 2017-09-30 - manual restart (other reasons)

      - 2017-09-24 - froze

      - 2017-09-02 - froze

      - ????-??-?? - start timestamp script


      The NUC is running 24/7 with Debian Stretch, and I can confirm that it's not OS related because I had other Linux OS'es before that and occasionally I had the same issue, although at the time I was thinking that it's a LAN card issue.