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    Issue with HDMI after latest BIOS update


      I had my NUC connected to my AV Receiver since the day I purchased it and the receiver connected to a Samsung Plasma TV. Everything worked fine until I upgraded to the latest BIOS (version 0052)

      Since the upgrade I cannot see an HDMI picture through my Onkyo TX-NR709 AV receiver, instead I see a jittery and totally garbled image (as if there is a frequency mismatch).


      I tried the connecting my other PC to the receiver and it worked just fine. I also tried connecting the NUC directly to the TV HDMI port and that worked fine as well.


      The interesting thing is that when I reboot the NUC it displays the Intel logo and the prompts to enter BIOS just fine, however the minute it moves to the operating System (Windows 10 64-bit Fall Creators Update) I lose the HDMI signal to garbage. The same does not happen with other Windows PCs that I have at home so this is for sure something to do with the NUC.


      I found a reference to a HDMI 2.0 Firmware update for the NUC however I am not sure that will do any damage to my NUC and also not sure if it will make any difference since my receiver is HDMI 1.4 and not 2.0.


      Any suggestions welcome.