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    UHD@60hz on Intel HD 630


      Hi, I just recently got a dell 5520 lapop with integrated Intel HD 630 graphic chipset.


      No matter what I try, I can't get it to display 4k@60hz!


      Here is the relevant informations:

      - Windows 10, 64bits, version 1709 (latest build 16299.19)

      - Intel core i7-7820, 32 GB ram

      - Intel graphic HD 630, driver (2017-04-21)

      - Monitor: Asus PB287Q  (See: PB287Q | Monitors | ASUS USA )


      Since the laptop only has a HDMI 1.4 port, I reverted back to using a USB-C to DisplayPort external adapter

      USB Type C to DisplayPort adapter (IZEC-A46) ICZI Which support UHD@60hz on DP


      When I add UHD@60 resolution to the Intel Graphic Control Panel, It says "bandwidth exceeded"


      Any clue?