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    Drivers for Intel Q43/45 Chipset and Windows 2000 Server


      Hi everyone,


      I've been traversing the community looking for an answer and haven't been able to find a solution so I thought I'd post my issue. I'm trying to emulate an older system that runs on Windows 2000 Server on a newer desktop with the Intel Q43/45 Express Chipset. Currently, the only graphics dll that's operating on my system is the vga.dll library. This limits me to running 16 colors and I'd like to be able to run 16-bit colors. Within the driver download center, I can't find any compatible drivers that work with both my chipset and Windows 2000 Server.I tried using the drivers for the Q35 chipset hoping for some compatibility but that didn't seem to work. I also tried some drivers that work my chipset but only with XP and newer operating systems and that didn't work either.


      Does anyone know where I can find drivers that would work?