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    Bad HW acceleration in internet browsers Intel i7 6700HQ - W7 PRO x64bit




      I have laptop MSI GP62 6QF with Core i7 6700HQ, Nvidia GTX960M on WIndows 7 PRO x64bit and I have problems with HW acceleration in internet browsers (Firefox, hightly in Palemoon, Cyberfox, ... ) .

      For example in Palemoon I can't play Youtube videos smoothly in 60 FPS and browser is stuttering. After start laptop and system Palemoon stuttering for 2-3 minutes (on Youtube in fullscreen - sometimes blinking black screen) .

      And in Firefox or other Gecko browsers after while I have black screen in browser and I must restart it ( I don't know if I still have this problem, because today I updated Intel driver on the newer actual version ) .

      So my question is:

      Is the stuttering problem in Palemoon do bad Intel driver or Palemoon is not fully compatible with this CPU? I wrote on Palemoon forum, but nobody have this problem with stuttering or not smooth 60 FPS fHD videos. They told me, that are some problems with GPU in this CPU (HD530) .

      60 FPS fHD youtube videos in Firefox, Chrome, Opera works smooth, but not in Palemoon.


      Thank you in advance.


      I would like to fix mainly the Palemoon, because this is my default and favourite browser.