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    W2K8 R2 Trim Support (S/W Raid0)?


      Currently have a Windows Server 2008 R2 dedicated server running 2xIntel X25-M in Raid0 (C: Is a non-raid parition for boot, while D: is stripped). I've just install Intel SSD Toolbox and its reading as 'No Partition' - reading into this it seems that TRIM isn't supported in Raid1/0 Software enviroments - is this correct?


      If not, what am I missing? What can I do to increase performance?



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          As long as you are running your SSD's in RAID mode, you will not have Trim support and you will not be able to do a "manual Triming" by using the Optimizer of Intel's Toolbox.

          You can increase the performance by putting the bootmanager and the OS onto the RAID, but usually the security and not the performance has the highest priority for Server systems. So I do not understand why you have built a RAID0 array into a Server system.