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    R200 issues since windows 1703 update


      I come back with an issue.

      I used to have a good use of R200 with DCM in windows 10

      but I've had problems since Windows update 1703, (Windows 10 pro , version 1703(OS build 15063.674))


      Running the camera app supplied by the windows with the R200 causes the problem, below image

      dcm설치 후 카메라앱.png


      There was no problem with windows 1607, (Windows 10 pro , version 1607(OS build 14393.693)).


      The PC Environment I am currently using






      Windows 10 pro , version 1703(OS build 15063.674)

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690 CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.50GHz

      24.0GB RAM, 64bit OS

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          I have seen this error with the blue and white template image a few times before.  I managed to dig up a case involving an R200 user (the blue and white image is shown in one of the attached pictures in the original message).  In that case a Windows update was suspected to be the cause of the problem too.


          R200 Color Camera issue with Librealsense library. no matching media type for  pixel format 59555932

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            Hello MartyG.

            I've read all the comments you gave me.

            I understand that this issue is thought to be the cause of the window update.

            But the last comment was on sep 4, wasn't it fixed yet??

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              Although Intel and Microsoft worked together for months on a fix for the RealSense compatibility problems that some users had, a single definitive solution was not found.  This is because there seems to be no single cause for the problem occurring, and there does not seem to be a clear reason for why a user has the problem or is unaffected by it.


              It is possible that Build 1709 (the Fall Creators Update) may fix the problems.  It was released on October 17, though Microsoft seem to be doing their usual process of rolling it out to the public in stages.  If you do not wish to wait, you can force Windows to download it.


              How to force Windows 10 to download the Fall Creators Update | VentureBeat

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                Thanks for offering me a new method, MartyG

                So I tried to force windows 10 update, 1709

                windows version 1709.png


                However, The color image does not appear when i run the camera app after installing the R200 dcm.

                The only difference is that it apprears to be a black screen.

                1709빌드, dcm설치 후 카메라 앱.png


                Let me suggest a solution to this situation.


                I remember your efforts to solve the problem.

                Thank you very much.

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                  Ok, so you are using the '2016 R2' Windows SDK (also known as  It seems from the image you provided that you are using the 'Camera' app that is supplied with Windows 10.  This is not the same as the 'Camera Explorer' app that comes with the SDK, which is a different program made specially for RealSense cameras.


                  The reason you may get a blank RGB image in the Windows 'Camera' app is because the R200 is a rear-facing camera, whilst the SR300 is a front-facing camera.  Because the R200 is rear facing, it is not able to be used like a RGB webcam and you get a blank black image.


                  If you try the camera in the RealSense 'Camera Explorer' app then you may get a picture.  You can find it by typing 'explorer' into the text box at the bottom of your Windows screen, next to the button where you shut the PC down.

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                    Thanks for reply. Did you have a nice weekend?


                    I tried to capture what I tested in the other PC in the office.


                    First, Windows version is 1607 (OS Build 14393.1770).



                    Secondly, DCM is installed.



                    This is a camera app provided by Windows.

                    Unlike the version 1703, when the app initially ran the app, the word "Intel(R) RealSense(TM) 3D Camera (R200) RGB" extensive was not found at the bottom of the screen.



                    Finally, I ran the projection of the sdk samples.



                    All I want is to operate a color camera with the dcm installed


                    Updating to Windws 1703, this becomes impossible, and updating to 1709 has not been resolved.

                    How can I solve it ??

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                      My weekend was fine, thank you.  The usual all-work. 


                      If you look at the first picture, it has the word Color above it.  You are getting a color RGB picture there.  The missing picture seems to be an infrared stream.


                      I tried this sample myself with my SR300 camera (as it is a Common sample that works with F200, SR300 and R200).  I too got the empty box on the World image at the end.  I found that to make an image appear, you should left-click on the QueryVertices button beneath the panel.




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                        No No, My question was not that.

                        I am sorry to ask you to have a misunderstanding

                        I know how to get a world image

                        but i don't know how to get a color image with camera app provided by windows10.


                        The reason why I want to get a color image is to use R200 in opensource.

                        To use the opensource that I use, R200 can work like a webcam

                        please ..

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                          R200 was designed to be a 'rear facing' camera (a camera that faces away from the user) on the back of tablet devices.  On such tablets, there was a built-in front facing ordinary front-facing camera that provided the RGB.  So if you try to use the R200 for RGB color video in a program such as Skype then you just get a blank picture.


                          To get an RGB color image in a non-RealSense program such as Skype, you need a device that simulates the original two-camera setup of the tablets.  Using the R200 on a laptop will do this for you.  The built-in webcam in most laptops provides the default front-facing RGB picture.


                          In programs such as Skype, it is then possible to change the view so that the rear-facing R200 camera shows an RGB color video.  But the R200 will not provide RGB video on a device where it is the only camera attached, such as a desktop PC with no webcam.