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    Modifying Settings on Enterprise Hub


      I am building out an Enterprise deployment of Unite after having used the Standalone version for a POC.  One of the things that I want to do is to adjust the Unite Client not to take over the full screen of the Hub.  I was able to turn this off in the standalone such that the Hub showed a normal windows desktop and the PIN as an overlay in the top right corner.  I made the adjustment in the standalone environment by using the Unite Settings application.  However I just completed the enterprise installation and I do not have a Intel Unite Settings install on the hub.  So I don't know how to make the adjustment.


      My ultimate desire is to allow the Hub to host a Skype client and initiate and answer Skype meeting invitations through the standard Skype client.  But I also want to allow the end users to also launch a wireless presentation without using Skype.  I know that Intel has a Skype Plugin for Unite but I am not currently interested using.


      Is there a settings application that I can install to finalize configs?  Or maybe there is a config file that can be referenced when Unite starts up.  Please advise.