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    Once more: Unable to activate SSD cache - error 0xA001004E




      I am trying to activate SSD caching on a Dell T3420 (C236PCH chipset). The system is running Windows 7 x64 Pro and has a 1 TB HDD.


      I installed an additional 60 GB SSD at the free SATA port and verified that in the BIOS the SATA mode is set to RAID. In the RST UI, the option is presented to use the SSD as cache for the system. However, after having entered the configuration settings, an extremely unspecific error message appears:



      No matter what I do or try, this error persists.


      I searched for the error code 0xA001004E and found several people having the same problem, but no solution.


      I already ran Intel SSU, but the report doesn't show anything that appears wrong. Also, both drives are listed there (the SSD showing up only if not "tried" to use as cache). Also, the RST system report shows no errors or any useful information. The "cache volume" appears OK, but obviously it's not "connected" to the HDD.


      What exactly causes that mysterious error code, and how can I resolve this?



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