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    After sleeping windows the image is broken, Intel 530 15.47


      I updated the intel (15.47) and nvidia (388.0) graphics yesterday, and every time, without exception I get some vertical colored lines without meaning, totally broken image, the computer continues to run normally and I can log in and turn off the computer with the keyboard without seeing what is on the screen.

      • uninstall the NVIDIA graphics card, it keeps happening.
      • uninstall the Intel and Nvidia graphics card with cleaning tools in safe mode and reinstall it to install only the Intel, still happening.
      • uninstall  the Intel graphics card and try the previous version (15.46, and 15.40), and it continues to happen, although it is very likely that I used to have an older one.
      • Try to clean again in safe mode and install the latest versions of both graphics again, it keeps happening.

      Notebook: Msi GE62 6QD Intel i7-6700HQ Intel HD 530 Windows 10
      Bios: E16J5IMS.119




      Can you help me?

      I discard it to be the nvidia card because it only allows me to sleep the computer installing the graphics card of intel, if I do not install it I do not have the option to sleep.

      It did not happen before updating.