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    Black screen marantz nr1603 with NUC7i5BNH




      Getting black screen with my new NUC- very gutted!  Works ok when directly connected to samsung TV.

      Now this means I lose ability to switch via AV receiver and lose 5.1 surround.

      NUC fully up to date inc BIOS and HDMI 2.0 firmware.. although I believe the AMP is only HDMI 1.3 maybe that the issue.

      Too much to ask for a dev to make me a patch? :-) 

      CEC doesnt seem to work properly too, it does switch source when it turns on, but anynet cant select the device I have to switch source manually.

      I can play with screen resolution via team viewer and TV reports no signal mostly.  When I switch to 1024x768, TV says incorrect resolution so something is getting through.

      Called support and the very knowledgeable Alfred is looking into it for me.  I was surprised how good the support was TBH :-)