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    SR300 Installation Problem on AMD Windows 10 - Solved?


      I asked my kids to buy an SR300 RealSense developer kit for my birthday, but I'm running into a problem:


      My computer is an AMD Threadripper X399 build running Windows 10 Release 1709,

      Build 16299.15.amd64fre.rs3_release.170928-1534


      After some initial problems where the camera was not detected, I tried a different USB port and now I see that it is detected.

      It is listed under "Universal Serial Bus devices" as an Intel(R) RealSense(TM) Camera SR300.  I also see a new device under "Audio inputs and outputs" as Microphone Array (BlasterX Senz3D VF0810).  I also see under "Imaging Devices" an Intel(R) RealSense(TM) Camera SR300 Depth device.  The latter has a warning glyph on it and the device status is that it is not configured correctly . (Code 1).  "Fatal Error during installation".


      I tried running the drivers installation file, intel_rs_dcm_sr300_3.3.27.5718.exe.


      I get through the Welcome and the license agreement page, then I see this message:


        The system does not have an Intel Architecture processor.

      Installation can continue; however, product functionality may not meet expectations because this product is untested on this CPU.


      Ok, so I continue.  On the Options screen I see "No components selected to install."  I also see no way of selecting any components to install.

      At this point, I have no choice but to cancel, since I cannot proceed.


      I went back to the Intel store page for the camera and read all of the information carefully.  I see nothing about this NOT running on AMD hardware, nothing about an intel platform being required.


      What gives?  Any suggestions?


      Thank you.




      I ran through the trouble shooting procedures, a few times actually, removing the "Imaging Devices" in Device Manager, deleting the currently installed drivers, and rescanning for hardware changes.  I had some phantoms show up that were grayed out, never saw the SR300 RGB device, but persisted.  I should mention that I had attempted the problem solving steps in another thread and had disabled automatic device updates, so I had to remember to go undo that change.


      Noticed that the camera is working, audio is working, Windows Hello facial recognition works (isn't that cool?).  Restarted the computer and finally had the RBG device show up in Device Manager, not under "Imaging Devices", but under "Cameras".   I then re-ran the installation exe and now the Welcome screen only gives me the option to remove the current installation, directories, registry entries.  No thanks.  I'm happy that it's working, no need to press my luck.  The camera  driver is pretty old 2006(?), but the others seem to be fairly current and the depth driver is the correct version,


      Sorry for the false alarm.  Maybe my experience will inform someone else.




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          That's an awesome story - thanks so much for sharing the details of how you got it working!  Yes, most of the time RealSense cameras need a processor with a compatible Intel Core processor to work correctly.  Occasionally though, there is a rare success story with a setup that defies the specification (e.g an SR300 running on a 4th generation processor in a Xeon enterprise workstation, when the camera officially asks for 6th generation Intel Core).

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello Naql,

            Thank you for contacting Intel® RealSense™ Technology support. 

            For future references, your ticket number is 03083598.

            Thank you for this informational post. After you re-enabled automatic device updates, the SR300 camera driver was automatically installed by Windows Update. Then, when you re-ran the installation exe, the installer noticed that the driver was already installed. 
            That is why it asked you if you wanted to remove the current installation. 
            The installation exe is to be used only when Windows Update is not working. 
            I must tell you that Intel® has not validated or tested RealSense™ cameras on AMD devices so we cannot tell how they will perform.

            One more time thank you for your contribution with the community by sharing this information.

            Best regards.

            Josh B.
            Intel Customer Support