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    Fanless / Passive Case for DC3217IYE




      I have a Intel NUC DC3217IYE and want to use it as Media Center. For that i want to put it in a passive cooling case.

      I looked on the internet, but just found cases for 3rd gen and newer nucs.


      Does somebody know, if there are cases for 2nd gen nucs as well, and can you recommend me one?


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          Well, my internet search yielded the following:


          1. StreaCOM has a chassis, the NC1 GK, that it says supports the DC3217IYE. See here: NC1 Fanless.
          2. Akasa lists two chassis products that it says support the DC3217IYE. For Newton, see here: Newton Fanless. For Tesla, see here: Tesla Fanless
          3. QuietPC had a system-level product called the UltraNUC, that had a configuration that supported the DC3217IYE. See here: UltraNUC Fanless. It says this product is discontinued, but you might ask them if they have any chassis samples left over.


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            The StreaCOM and the QuietPC I also found, but they are both not availible.


            Where did you found, that the Akasa Newton or Tesla are compatible to the DC3217IYE? I can't find that information.


            EDIT: Sry I had wrong informations about the Board Number. On the german wikipedia page it said that the board number in the DC3217IYE is DC33217GKE but it is D33217GKE.

            So i think i will buy me a Akasa Newton.

            Thanks for your help!


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              If you want an opinion, I like the Tesla better than the Newton. It has room for an additional HDD and slightly larger air mass inside (which can help with cooling of other components) yet it still retains the VESA mounting capability.


              I noticed that you can purchase these through Amazon.com. If you go this route, be careful to pick the right one (for example, the Tesla entry I saw was for 4th generation, not 3rd).


              Once you have the board mounted in one of these fanless chassis, I suggest that you watch temperatures closely. AIDA64 does a good job of exposing all possible temperatures.


              Let me know how if goes...