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    Graphics driver xxx_4771 win 10 1709: some suggestion to survive until next upgrade


      Now it sure: the new driver 4771 with new win 10 upgrade to 1709 generate big problem for those who use NUC as HPTC.
      In my case all the old setting of graphic card and Kodi 17 give flickering image. There is no way to solve problem; also if you put fix FPS your TV will be flichering:


      After many hours of attempts I found a solution enough to wait for INTEL to solve the problem and hope it will be soon.
      Obviously I do not guarantee this solution works for everyone.
      I did configured video  to work with a 60p FPS (using INTEL utility) and I configured Kodi (v 17.4) so I did not change FPS, I also disabled in Kodi dvxa2 acceleration (otherwise i will have stairs of pixel when decode H265) .
      This way, you get a fresh result, hoping how I said, that INTEL resolves soon:

      I repeat that I cannot stand the INTEL & MICROSOFT pair anymore, the more trouble I have over this NUC than the pleasant times of use.

      regards Antonino


      i did tried to downgrade the video driver but seems that with win 10 1709 the old driver are not certificated anymore. So wuold be necessary to downgrade also windows 10 to 1703. I prefer wait for Intel's solution