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    Intel Xeon Server-


      Greetings Helpers

      I have a server hobby job, with all the usual bits & bobs attached, 2 x hard drives, dvd, floppy, 2gb memory, sony a2 turbo tape drive, in my ultimate wisdom I thought I try and turn this into a PC everything works fine except it will not see or reconise the sony tape drive???????????? powers up ok plenty of lights but still no response, tried the drivers etc but still no luck!!!!

      Any advice or do I go back to basics and start again and reinstall server software????

      Thanks to all who reply

      Regards Pete

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          If the tape drive is lighting up, you've got power, at least.  So we're looking at the cable connection, or the OS drivers.  How is it cabled in, and which OS are you using?

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            Dan thanks for the response||||

            Here are the answers to your questions

            A. cable connection is vis SATA2 (which I have just changed from SATA1 to see if it makes a difference but no)

            B. O/S is WINDOWS 7 Professstional


            Extra info from the device manager.

            The only hiccup it is showing is from the RAID Controller and when I try to update the driver it tells me I have the latest but keeps telling me to reinstall the drivers for this device (code 18) ?????????????????????????????????


            Thanks Pete

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              Normally, any port that's not included in the RAID configuration should default to a pass-through port.  If that's not happening, then whatever's on the SATA port will never show up.  Which motherboard is this, and are you plugging into the motherboard's SATA ports or an add-in RAID card?

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                Hi Dan

                Thanks for the reply in answer to your questions

                A. the board is an Intel SE7520BD2 server board

                B. yes the tape connector is plugged directly into the M/B SATA connection

                Hope that helps

                Thanks Pete

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                  Hmm.  It's possible the tape drive just isn't compatible with the BD2, or that the RAID is interfering.


                  Are you using an add-in RAID card, or using the onboard RAID?

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                    Well the tape was working fine until I removed the server O/S, with regards to onboard raid well my hands are up as I know very little about this and how to look or change what maybe set sorry clueless but always happy for some pointers!!!


                    I assumed with it being plugged directly into the m/b it would reconise it???? as it did before I started tinkering!!!!!



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                      Okay, maybe I'm misunderstanding.  This same exact hardware was working fine when you had a different OS installed? What was installed first, and what's installed now?

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                        Exact hardware was working fine removed ms win server 2003 to win 7 ultimate and its never worked since


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                          Yeah, you'd be best off going back to a supported OS, I think.