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    Intel NUC 7i3BNH: Intel® Driver Update Utility + Windows 10 = a way to hell


      yesterday I did connected my NUC to the internet after a few days and found  7 Intel new drivers versions in addition to the same upgrading utility as Windows10 Creators update update fall 1709.

      I bought the NUC in March 2017 and since then I spent more time updating drivers and windows 10 then to enjoy it as HTPC. I bought it hoping it was a more flexible choice of dedicated Android based equipment but I made a big mistake.


      The first problem was the driver update utility itself. The old version was 2.9.2 and I am immediately try to upgrade to a version 3.X. I try to do it but the update fails with an error message. Armed with patience I try to find the new version of INTEL site utility but with surprise in the site there is nothing left and only an awkward "on line" version as an alternative to the manual update of drivers: INTEL nice results! compliment!
      Even the "on line" version maintains the same defects already highlighted by me and other users (without results): Lan drivers do not update and even Intel Management Engine.

      After that I also update the windows 10 to version 1709 apparently without problems.

      The results are again the same as the other times: all the efforts to fine-tune programs to watch movies (such as Kody, or VLC) are lost again; and the images are stuttering again and lack of fluidity.

      Yesterday evening after hours of work I found that now the configuration that works better of the old one is to put a 60p FPS in a fixed way in the INTEL display driver configuration and cut to Kodi the function to change the FPS according to the reproduced material. If i try to use 24-FPS settings in the video driver fullHD movies (that are at 24 FPS) are played stuttering  with any others old proven configurations now is no good anymore, and also in H265 compressed videos are re-emerging  a pixelation when played using dvxa acceleration; so i must use only sowftare decoding.

      Needless to say that this situation is unsustainable: INTEL and Microsoft are unable to offer a HTPC solution that has a minimum of stability. And windows 10 has more than one year old and your NUC more than nine months old.

      The question is: when do you think to offer, with Microsoft, something more stable perhaps with a utility driver upgrade worthy of this name?

      Surely if I had to buy again today something for use it as HTPC, I would not think of a NUC but of an Android based equipment that costs a fifth, and in the end has the same imperfections of this blond, costly and capricious NUC

      A greeting

      A. Corallo