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    i7-7820X - can it go to 4.5GHz with Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 or not??


      Dear community,


      I am very much into running single threaded algorithms (analysis of biomedical data) and I have built myself and analysis PC around


      MSI X299 Gamin Pro Carbon AC motherboard

      Intel i7-7820X processor


      The main reason for i7-7820X was quad channel memory support and the notion it can increase single core frequency to 4.5GHz when needed, which is what I very much needed. Unfortunately I have so far failed to get the processor to that max specified frequency and I am wondering if it can be done or not? I have found 2 other support threads with similar topics, but they haven't addressed my concern.


      The BIOS settings seem OK (EIST and Turbo Boost are enabled).

      I have the latest Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 driver installed ( and properly configured

      The CPU-Z utility reports multiplier x12 (idling) and (12-45) range, suggesting that 4.5GHz should be attainable.

      The Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool passed with flying colors and CPU Stress Test caused *all* core frequencies to 4.3 GHz.

      My algorithms cause the best core to go up to 4.3GHz, but not higher.


      So, even though it might seem irrelevant, as the build works really nicely, I am curious as to what am I doing wrong and why can't I achieve that extra performance bit I was aiming for? I have water cooling and temperature does not seem to be an issue, Stress Test mentioned above hardly made the processor sweat (happy to provide the results). Has anyone gotten this processor to 4.5GHz (at least that one promised core)? Can something still be done, that I have missed?


      Thank you!