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    USB Type-C ports power supply


      I need some info on the power of USB Type-C ports with Power Delivery supplied by PCs and laptops. Does INTEL have any PC and or Laptops that will supply more than 15W ? Do you know how common they are (or will be) and where I can get info on this ? I am in the process of designing a peripheral device and we will need more the 3A@+5V but I am not sure if the intel  PCs and Laptops provide this ?

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          Intel has very few system-level products of its own; you need to be talking to the major system manufacturers (HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc.) for information on what they provide in their products. For Desktop motherboards that might include USB-C ports, you need to be talking to the ODMs (Asus, MSY, GigaByte, etc.) that produce these motherboards


          Intel's NUC products that include a USB-C port all provide the standard 5V@3A (15W).


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