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    fup8X35HSDK top leds not working paired with RS2BL080


      I have a P4000 chassis that I dropped an S1200SPL board into.  We're using the RS2BL080 (sold it year ago in a different server, reusing it in this one as it works fine) and used the FUP8x35HSDK drive caddy.  it's full of intel enterprise SSDs and WD 500GB RE drives.  The chassis works great, I got windows server 2012R2 installed, two different arrays made, hotswap seems to function normally as well too.


      The only problem is that the top row of LEDs only light up with activity.  activating locate drive within RAID Web Console 2 does not light up the orange light on the top row, and the normally lit green light on a normally running drive is not lit ever.  The bottom row works totally fine in all aspects.


      I have the I2C cable hooked to the motherobard, which it seem that maybe I don't even need as I don't think this thing has firmware to update. 


      I would note that I updated the firmware on the motherboard before installing the cage, so maybe it needs to be done again as to properly recognize it? or is there something else?  Or do i need to return the 8x bay and get 2x 4bay enclosures instead?