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    i9 7900x for streaming?




      I am a streamer and I am putting a rig together just for streaming. I can't get my hands on the 8700k yet, and I NEED a rig next week. I was thinking between the i9 7900x, or the ryzen 7 1700. Which one should I take? My budget is 3.5k.



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          Hello 5mokeD,
          I understand you are looking for a CPU you can use for streaming.
          We do not comment on benchmark information that is not already included on www.intel.com
          In addition, the support staff does not compare directly with 3rd party products nor comment on expected performance from competing products.
          Generally speaking, for streaming content the CPU is an important component and due to the multi-tasking nature of it, the more cores available the better results we should be seeing. The Intel® Core™ i9-7900X has a total of 10 cores with HT, while the Intel® Core™ i7-8700K has 6 cores with HT. Keep in mind that other components can also make significant difference in streaming, including Video card(s) and networking capability.
          This link will provide more specification of our processors https://ark.intel.com/compare/126684,123613
          Fred D.