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    Macbook Pro 2016 nTB Iris 540 - flicker on external monitor after wake up in windows 10 - bootcamp


      Hello guys, i have a long problem with using bootcamp and windows 10 on macbook pro - i have a flickering like this




      (this is my macbook connected to external monitor - i tried various monitors and usb-c adapters and hdmi cables)


      So... This problem persist only if i wake up from sleep only in external monitor via ubs-c hub - if restart macbook no problem

      I used various builds of windows 10 - actually fall creators update

      I used various display drivers from newest to the old one from apple bootcamp package (1.7.2016 - release - this is most stable but flickering persist sometimes)


      I set all to maximum performance in intel settings and in power settings in windows 10

      I have no problem in MacOS.

      If I use standard windows display driver or safe mode - no problem - it must be a driver issue - and latest drivers makes a flickering much more than older drivers.


      I tried various steps from internet - nothing helps, but i didnt find someone with exactly same problem.

      This bug goes me crazy - it must be a solution - intel engineers and you please help