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    Touchpad and USB ports get shut down when on battery


      Hello, on Lenovo ideapad 100S-11IBY after last Windows update my touchpad gets disabled when laptop is on battery, when it's plugged in and charging everything works well. I can enable touchpad with shortcut on F6 key, but after few seconds of not using the touchpad, it disables by itself. I also noticed that I can enable touchpad by clicking the physical left or right click below it, but not by tapping the touchpad. After click, if I move my mouse it will not get disabled, only after 1-2 seconds of inactivity. Also, I think it has something to do with Power Management, but when I go to Manage->Device Manager->Mice and pointing devices->HID-compliant mouse and go to Properties, I don't have the Power Management tab there. Drivers are up to date, and there are no mouse drivers on Lenovo support page.

      I'm using Windows 10 Home edition.

      Windows version is 1709 (OS Build 16299.15).

      Before the update I had only one power plan, "Balanced". When I clicked on battery icon in taskbar there was only button for battery saver and brightness. Now after the update there is a slider, which I can slide and change power settings like better battery, better performance and best performance. Under power plans I still have only "Balanced" and when I go to advanced setting of that power plan I can only see 5 things listed: Desktop Background settings, Sleep, Power buttons and lid, Display, Battery.



      After update, I first didn't notice the problem, because while the laptop is on the charger everything works good.

      When I unplug the charger then it seems like it disables my touchpad and USB ports after 1-2 seconds of inactivity, and I can activate them with click on mouse, and after the click if I constantly move my mouse it will not get disabled.

      First thing I tried was to Update drivers from Device Manager, but drivers were up to date. So I uninstalled the drivers and rebooted, and then installed drivers from Device Manager, that didn't change anything, then I uninstalled those, rebooted and installed drivers from Lenovo support website. Still no change. I also tried setting USB controller and ports (on device manager) not to power down to save energy, tried disabling selective USB suspend from CMD->powercfg (because there is no that option listen in Power plans->Advanced power options).



      My battery was fully charged all the time, and it estimates 9+ hours.



      Only thing that did difference was when I disabled Intel(R) Power Management IC Device in Device Manager under System devices.

      Then when I unplugged the charger nothing happened, nothing changed. But after that I could not see battery percentage and did not have the information if battery is charging or anything.



      I do not get any error messages.

      Can you maybe tell me how to make it that when I unplug the charger nothing changes, that it stays on power management settings it had while it was on charger. There are no options in Power plans but when I unplug the charger I can see that brightness gets lower, by that I think it switches to a different power plan.


      Is there anything else I can try?
      Does Intel have any Power management software which I can install to set this up? Or should I roll back to older version of windows?


      Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.