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    Bluetooth Completely Missing on NUC6i7KYK After Disabling in Windows 10


      OK, I think this may be a problem that may occur on other devices than the NUC6i7KYK in Windows 10.  I'm just observing this on the NUC6i7KYK.  I've turned off the Bluetooth Radio from the "Action Center" controls because I don't generally use the radio.  But after some time Windows decides that there is no Bluetooth hardware in the machine and will not recognize the hardware until it is re-enabled.  The problem is there is nowhere that I can find that I can re-enable the radio.  I have updated the Intel drivers for the Bluetooth (which install OK with no mention that Bluetooth does not exist).  Yet after...  Device manager shows nothing about a disabled piece of hardware nor will Windows see the radio if I use Settings -> Update & Security ->Troubleshoot -> Bluetooth (It says there is no radio).  I disabled Bluetooth in the BIOS, rebooted, checked everything in Windows, uninstalled the driver, rebooted and still see no piece of Bluetooth hardware.  Not sure how to get this active again.