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    NUC5I5RYH doesnt boot from MBR-Drives without pushing F10 during Post screen


      Hello community,

      hello Intel customer support members,


      iam IT-professional and i have a problem with my private NUC. We bought our NUC5I5RYH nearly 2,5 years ago with the following setup:


      2x 8GB Crucial Ram-Kit ( CT2C8G3S160BMCEU )

      1x Crucial 500GB MX200 M.2 SSD ( CT512M550SSD4 - latest firmware installed )

      1x 2TB SAMSUNG 2,5" HDD ( HN-M201RAD)


      In the first year, the NUC was running without any issues. I cant remember if there was an specific event which caused the following troubles. Maybe it was a bios update, maybe a reinstallation of win7 with a switch from GPT to MBR partitons or something else (both sounds plausible), but after ~1 year, the following described issues came up. Between year 1 and 2,5, i just ignored this issue and did a workaround by pressing F10 because of laziness. I just found muse to solve this issue in the last weeks.


      The problem is, that the NUC wont boot Windows 10 from the ssd or the hdd if its installed with the following setting in the VisualBIOS: [UEFI BOOT unchecked / LEGACY BOOT checked]. If i install a fresh win10 from a clean and working USB stick under this condition, win10 will install with a MBR-partition. If the NUC restarts the first time during the install-process, it wont find the bootable drive with the MBR-partition and shows me a black screen with "no bootable device found"-message. Remember: i have the right boot order in the visual bios + its the same if i have online one of the both drives attached.


      BUT 1: If i push F10 during POST-Screen, i can choose the drive with the MBR-partition manualy and it will boot if i select it! Its not a problem to end the install plus use the NUC day after day by pushing F10 during POST-Screens.


      + BUT 2: If i select [UEFI BOOT checked / LEGACY BOOT unchecked] and start a fresh installation of win10 and a GPT-partition again, it will (re)boot without any issues during the installation process and from day to day.


      Again: It makes no difference if both or only one of the drives is attached. Its only a thing of UEFI or LEGACY settings. All other bios settings are default! Resetting to factory defaults or setting the jumper didnt solve the problem.


      Please also note: Im pretty sure that this is a issue of the NUC5 and maybe other generations or its bios, its not problem of my exemplar. I can say this because i  had a different problem* with the NUC-exemplar i bought 2,5years ago, so i opened a ticket and the result was a warranty exchange of the complete NUC just this week. Both, the old and the newly arrived exemplar came/comes with the exact same behavior.


      * The additional problem was, that the old NUC was not able to save some bios settings (i.e. order of the drives under the LEGACY BOOT checkbox) plus i was not able to do bios updates anymore.



      Pleas intel, fix this issue. Seems not to be a feature.



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          The replacement NUC is not necessarily going to have the latest BIOS installed. Please make sure you have the latest BIOS installed and check this again.


          Hope this helps,


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            Installing the latest BIOS on the replaced NUC was the first thing i did yesterday. v365 was on it (the device is only 3 months old). Updated it to v367. Same issue.

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              Ok, don't panic; this is just to level the discussion.


              As a separate issue, if you are now using Windows 10, you *should* be using UEFI and you *should* be using GPT partitioning. I realize that this might not be the case if you upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, but if you are doing a fresh install, you should be using these settings and you wouldn't be seeing any issues (I don't).


              That said, yes, it is likely a BIOS issue -- and I can say that the same thing happened with the previous generation WY NUCs as well. Back then, I gave up and just kept both UEFI and Legacy enabled, which seems to work regardless of how you install the O/S. As for the configuration not saving, this I did not see with either my WY or RY NUCs (though maybe this issue only comes up if you have UEFI disabled?). My NUCs, for the most part, use the same configuration, namely a M.1/M.2 SSD and a 2.5" SATA HDD/SSHD, and I always (a) install the O/S with the data HDD/SSHD disconnected (to guarantee SSD stays as boot device) and (b) after I do connect the HDD/SSHD, I always ensure that the SSD is listed ahead of the HDD/SSHD in the boot order (and this saves just fine).


              Bottom line, slight difference in results seen, but there is definitely something for Intel to be looking at here...


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                Thanks for your reply.


                Im running some other computers with win10 and MBT without such issues, so in general, win10 is working without GPT properly.


                GPT is not an option for me, because im encrypting all of my devices with VeraCrypt (dont trust bitlocker or other solutions). With VC, 100% disk encryption is only possible with MTB parted drives. VeryCrypt also supports GPT but in this case, the small EFI- and recovery partitions will still left uncrypted. There would be the possibility to install UEFI-keys and certificates to Secure Boot VeraCrypt and generate a secure boot chain, but sadly the NUC5 do not have the ability to install custom keys and certificates.


                I recognized the "config not saving" problem just recently in the past vew weeks i investigated this "no boot device" issue. In the past 1-2 years i did some bios configurations and bios updates from time to time as a weak try to fix the whole problem. So, im not realy sure how long the old nuc had this "config not savin"g and "bios update impossible" problem.


                What i will try tomorrow is to activate both, uefi and legacy at the same time and see whats happening with the bootability.


                I also always check the boot order, but i disconnect one of the drives just sometimes. Most of the time, both drives are attached, but i think this dont make a significant difference in the test setup.

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                  I am not sure about the RY case, but it certainly can get you into trouble in the WY case. With both the SSD and HDD installed, I saw cases where it used the HDD as the Boot Device even though it was pointed at and using the SSD as the System Device. I thus got in the habit of disconnecting the data HDD while installing the O/S. Hmmm... Now that I think about it, perhaps it used the HDD as the Boot Device because I had not yet set the boot order and it was seeing the HDD listed first.


                  [Aside: For those that find this discussion somewhat cryptic, it needs to be understood that the NUCs use SATA0 for the drive bay and SATA1 for the mSATA/M.2 connector. This causes the HDD to be listed before the SSD  (i.e. SATA0 before SATA1) by default.]


                  Regarding GPT vs. MBR, I agree that this shouldn't make a difference (this is typically how you will end up if you install Windows 7 and then upgrade to Windows 10, so it better work). Still, I have always been told that you should use UEFI for Windows 10. I will go back and ask some folks why...