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    pio dma problems



      i have acer aspire 7740g with intel 5 series 3400 ide controller.

      In device manager(primary ide channel,adv settings) current mode is pio. Is this normal? Because disk is really slow.

      Os was installed in ide(not ahci) mode, so i wonder if this could be the problem.

      If it is, is any way to switch to ahci mode without reinstalling os?

      Oh yes, and disk is hitachi HTS545032B9A300, os is win xp pro sp2.

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          Though I think you may have the wrong section, your issue sounds like (unless you have changed it yourself) Windows has detected DMA errors and has fallen back to a 'safer' speed; PIO mode.


          Is DMA or other options in the Device Manager window greyed out?


          - check Event Viewer. There will be errors relating to disk/read errors if this is the case.

          - run a disk checking tool outside of windows (Hitachi Drive Fitness Test i think is the official one from Hitachi, though you can technically use other manufacturer's ones to perform read scans)

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            I don't know about section(i am kinda new at forums), but windows never detected dma errors and

            has not fallen back to a safer speed. It never was in dma mode.

            The laptop is grant new and i installed os, but ide was never in dma mode.


            -ide settings: not grayed, dma if available, but current pio

            -event viewer: no disk errors


            I didn't test the disk(i'll try), but i am not sure if this is the case.

            Though i didn't perform full format, but quick(yes,yes, lazzzzy *******:)

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              Ok, i tried:

              -reinstalling device drivers for intel 5 series

              -disk check = ok

              -xp sp3


              Nothing worked.

              Fresh diagnose says disk supports udma6.

              Any suggestion about this, anyone?

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                This is an Intel SSD forum, so I don't know why you are asking about an Hitachi mechanical drive.

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                  Because i am a newbie .

                  Yes it should be at least at Graphics and chipset section.

                  I don't know which is producing the low disk transfer rate, the chipset(intel) or disk(hitachi).

                  Anyway i used hitachi ftool, but could not use it(pc-dos mode on usb key), it hangs...

                  Ok, thanks for replies, i'll try at hitachi forums.