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    Intel Unite Client install fails and breaks Win10




      I have an issue on my work setup which relies on a simple setup (one computer running Unite standalone on the conference room TV, each client running the Unite client). I tried to install the same client (I believe v3.0 downloaded in February 2017 from Dell) software on a new computer XPS13 running a Coffee Lake i5-8250U and Windows 10 PRO (up to date). This installation seems to complete successfully but once rebooting the computer, I cannot access the desktop anymore (even safe mode). The computer tries an auto-repair but it fails ; all further attempts at fixing the problem, including various tries in command prompt using bootrec, fail. The only solution is to restore the computer to its original state, meaning I loose all configuration and program installations (and believe me, uninstalling 6 versions of Office365 is not my idea of a good time).


      I have subsequently found that a newer version, 3.1, of the Unite Client exists, dated August 2017. But before I attempt to install it, I would like to be sure that the problem I have encountered will not happen again - I'm already on my third configuration of that computer and pretty fed up, I don't think I have the patience for a fourth one. Any experience with Unite client running on a Coffee Lake processor is appreciated! In the meantime I will stay away from Unite, but it's a shame because my experience with that solution has been very positive so far.