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    Computer suddenly does not recognize adapter


      Computer Model: Toshiba M105-S3064, used (bought used 6 months ago)


      Operating System: Windows XP Media Center Edition


      Wireless Adapter: Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Net


      NOTE: I ran a virus scan today and there are no viruses that it found. Drivers and other software for the adapter are up to date.


      I recently removed some programs from the computer that I was not using, including Sonic Digital Recording software, and when I restarted the computer for the removal to take effect, the computer suddenly stopped recognizing my wireless adapter. The ONLY way it recognizes the adapter is if I set the computer on top of the router (Apple Airport Extreme Base Station) and run an ethernet cable from the router. If I restart the computer after doing this, it ceases to recognize the adapter. It is not the base station, as I have checked my other 2 computers on just the wireless and they can connect with absolutely no problem. Additionally, the Toshiba recognizes the adapter and connects fine after connecting to the base station via ethernet cable.


      I'm taking the whole computer to the Geek Squad tomorrow, but I want to know what is potentially causing this. It's NEVER had this problem before, and it was only after removing the following programs that it started:


      Sonic! RecordNow

      AVI to VCD/DVD 4.02 by Cucusoft

      SMSC IrCC V5.1.3600.5 SP2 (I can't figure out what this is, and it was last used in 2006)


      NOTE: I have restored the computer to 2 weeks ago, when all of these programs WERE and now STILL ARE on the computer, and yet it still refuses to recognize the adapter.


      What's causing this and how do I make it go back to the way it was?!