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    How can i prevent automatic installation of R200 DCM??



      I work with realsense, SR300, R200, ZR300


      The first question

      I use the color camera app provided by Windows10, and the color camera does not work if the dcm has been installed since the windows update 1703

      Moreover, the dcm is automatically installed after the windows update 1703

      So I am removing the dcm whenever I connect R200.

      How can i prevent the dcm from automatically installing??


      The second question

      I use the librealsense provided by git, but I have trouble operating the color camera app provided by windows10 and librealsense depth stream project at the same time.

      It is possible to simultaneously operate two thins at the same time as SR300.

      However, in R200 , there is and error stating that no resources are available (0xA00F4243(0XC00D3704))

      why does this differ? How can I fix it??

      help me please