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    The problem with the CSS game, hangs when you exit the game


      Good day to all! I have INTEL NUC Skull Canyon BOXNUC6I7KYK2, all games work well, except CSS. In the KSS on Steam I go without problems, I play without problems, but the game finished the game, when the game is over, the even screen and silence appear, not one key works except Enter, pressing Enter, there is again the entrance to the game of the CSK. And so to infinity, it helps only resets on the panel of the nettop itself. It's also impossible to collapse the game, the same dark screen. The rest of the games in Steams work without any complaints, and they come in and out as usual. What could be the reason? The drivers are the latest. Maybe you should update BIOS? Although what's it got to do with it, just some incompatibility of the software level. Once it turned out without problems, nothing hanging, and was able to turn off the game, but it was only once.