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    DX58SO boot problems after BIOS Update to 5020


      Hello Community


      I've got a big problem with my new dx58so mainboard which i received yesterday. The board is or better was running an i7-930 with 6 gb of geil black dragon rams. At first the board was running fine, after i saw in the bios that the cpu was running with 3.33 ghz instead of 2.8 ghz and i noticed that the memory was running at 1.54v instead of 1.6(5)v. i decided to make an bios update to 5020 from 4598 and that was a complete failure i guess. the bios update was completed successfully and after it was finished the board did a shutdown and restarted but nothing happens anymore. The fans spin on full speed and the board just hangs and is showing no response at all, not even the recovery or config mode works. But if i take out the memory, the board just gives the 3 beeps. so i guess the board is only half-dead or something. i tried another psu and some other ddr3 ram without any success...


      As stated here (http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?ProcNbr=i7-930), the board should have run the i7-930 just fine. My board has the revision number E29331-702


      so did anyone of you experienced the same behaviour and has maybe a solution? i guess i killed it, but before i return it to my retailer i just wanted to ask u guys