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    Issue with 82579LM NIC - computer crashing and not coming out of sleep mode


      To whom it may concern,


      We have 5 computers who tend to crash outside business hours on a whole 1500+ computers we take care of. All of the have the 82579LM NIC and are installed with Windows 10 Pro OS. In 4 cases it crashed the network, causing a broadcast storm, and required a switch + router reset after the computer was hard-rebooted.


      The following actions were taken :

      -Updated card with Intel and/or Lenovo latest drivers

      -Disabled any form of sleep mode (in the driver's nic and Windows)

      -Installed all the Windows Updates we could


      In the morning, the computer's monitor is all black.


      The only way we could fix this issue was by replacing the NIC with a USB one, and disable the internal Intel NIC. I just tried to install Caffeine software to prevent completely the computer from going to sleep but this is hardly a solution since it will also prevent the monitor from going to sleep.


      Any idea what could be done?


      Thank you all!