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    Several issues in games [HD620] (


      Hello everyone and thanks for the warm welcome.


      I must begin by stating that this is the first time I've used Intel Graphics. I'm a desktop gaming/GPU guy and have been running discrete graphics for as long as I could type my name on the keyboard and so I do not possess a great deal of experience when it comes to Intel's graphics, drivers and software. Although I'm always willing to learn. Anyway, let's get to business.


      So I bought a new Asus UX430UA laptop for uni about 6 weeks ago and chose specifically against discrete graphics because I'm pro battery life when it comes to portables. As it's my first vacation I decided on a whim to try a few games on the little thing (just some benchmarks etc. to see how well this hardware holds up in the real world). And frankly, it was a disaster.


      The performance was a great deal lower than what I expected in multiple newer titles and I realized that for some reason, Intel's graphics drivers were not up to date. That's to be expected, I never updated them after all, but this is where the problems started. I googled the drivers like it was 2010 again and ran the .exe only to get this: "Error: The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Obtain the appropriate driver from the computer's manufacturer. Setup will exit."


      Huh, so apparently I'm not only running some drivers that Asus has tampered with, I'm not eligible to use the newest official version. Oh well, Asus must have the latest drivers then:


      ux430ua intel hd drivers.PNG



      It's the newest one available at their website AND I already have it installed. Well, no problem. I'll just download the .zip from Intel's website and force the installation, f*#k the police. The result of which was a total and complete catastrophe:


      Disabling V-Sync causes complete screen flickering, enabling V-Sync does NOT lock the framerate to my monitor's refresh rate, applications refusing to run in fullscreen in non-native resolution opting to constantly tabbing out until I change the screen resolution, games reading the refresh rate of my monitor at a record high 15150 Hz and many, many others. Oh and the games that I had performance issues with earlier were now considerably smoother. The most radical example of this is Grim Dawn, which boasted an FPS improvement of over 100% with noticeably less stutter. Nice~


      So it would seem that unless the driver is upside the head busted across the board, (which according to my short and intense online researching session is not the case,) that updating my computer to the newest drivers, boasting performance increases of up to 2x is now conflicting with some software that the manufacturer, (Asus), has installed on my device and possibly even integrated into the BIOS if not the hardware itself.


      And since Asus doesn't update their compatibility version of Intel's drivers I can't help but wonder why would Intel willingly give up their software support to a 3rd party like this? I've used ATI display drivers, AMD display drivers, Nvidia display drivers and never have I in my 10+ years of gaming on the PC ran into a problem like this. And that's what I have freaking issues with.