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    Problem with HP ENVY 7640




      I experiment a problem with my MSI Z270 Pro Carbon, W10 V1703 . It has a I219-V ethernet adaptator.

      On my Lan i have a HP ENVY 7640.

      The problem I have is when I instal the printer. According to the driver, installation detect OR NOT detect the printer and failed.

      I first had this problem with Driver 21.1.30

      Then hopfully, driver V22.2.4.0 was released and that solved the problem.

      Yesterday, I format my PC and start a new installation. I downloaded the last driver available on MSI download center which is V22.5.104.0. My printer installation failed, printer can't be detected !!

      I go back to V22.2.4.0, and then Installation was successfull.


      Any idea of the problem? is there a spécial parameter to set in the driver??


      Many thanks for help

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Lanthalas,

            Thank you for posting in Wired Communities. Based on your problem, you are having issue installing the HP ENVY 7640 printer on your MSI motherboard. The driver version you mentioned here is for the LAN I219-V, if you are referring to the installation of printer on MSI board, it is recommended you contact MSI* or HP* support regarding the  driver  and the installation for the printer. Thank you.  


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            Thanks for your answer. Of course i asked to HP they only propose a workaround with an other printer driver whici is compatible but don't work the same way.

            MSI, i logged the problem but i'm not sur they're very interested by that. The answer is : we gonna see with ou collegue, but keep the working driver for the next time !!

            According to the fact it's prooved to be an intel network driver issue, My better option was to log here.

            obviously, no one is interested in that problem...

            I'll keep that in mind for the next PC.


            thanks anyway.

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hi Lanthalas,

                 Thank you for the reply. I am sorry to hear what happened.  We have driver version 22.7.1 available on our website at 
              https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/82186/Intel-Ethernet-Connection-I219-V I do not have information if this driver can address your issue here. 

                         As this is an onboard NIC, it is recommended still to use the board vendor driver as they have customized setting which is more compatible to their system. If the issue exist only on this particular HP* printer on the MSI*, board, it is best you check still with MSI* and HP* (which I understand you already contacted them), you may want to follow up with them. Thank you.



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                hi Sharon,


                Thanks for your answer.


                Hopefully I kept the driver version which work ok. So i'm not in trouble.

                I'll check with MSI even as far as I can see it seems to be standard drivers.


                Thanks for help

                best regards