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    Colored Pixels moving and flashing randomly


      Hello everyone,


      I recently have an issue on my laptop MSI GS60 2QE GHOST PRO (Intel HD Graphics 4600 + NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M)


      One morning, turning on my laptop, I noticed on the screen few color pixels (mainly white) that are moving and flashing randomly. It is quite anoying when I watch a movie or writing a word document.


      I tried to desactivate the Intel and Nvidia driver and the issue STOPS ONLY when the Intel HD Graphics driver is disactivated ! Thus, I am pretty sure that is come from this driver. But without the Intel Graphics activated, it is awful to computing.


      So I tried to unistall and reinstall the version given by MSI manufacturer, the lastest driver HD 4600 (on your Website), and laso tried to reset my windows ! But nothing change even with a cleaned and clear Windows, colors pixels still appears randomly on my screen.


      I tried to search on the web but I found nothing !


      Here some screenshots about thoses randomly color pixels:

      Album — Postimage.org

      Pixel1 — Postimage.org

      Pixel3 — Postimage.org

      Pixel4Good — Postimage.org


      Please HELP ME !


      Thanking you in advance for your help.