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    Wrong CSME firmware WCOD hashes




      I noticed that the Corporate SKU of CSME v11.8.50.3399 has certain wrong SHA-256 hashes at partitions "WCOD with Instance ID 0x24F3" and "WCOD with Instance ID 0x24FD". Specifically, the hashes are wrong for modules "mu_d0d3", "mu_init" and "umac_d0". It seems that the actual module data/code are identical those found at the Corporate SKU of CSME v11.7.0.3290 and in that firmware, their hashes also check out. Since the RSA Signatures of the two WCOD partitions at v11.8.50.3399 do check out, either the modules are proper but their hashes are wrong or new modules were inserted but you forgot to update their hashes.