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    NUC C5CPYH beeps on booting/startup


      On startup before pressing the F10 button, my system makes a loud single beep. Why does it make this sound and is there anything i should do to alleviate the problem?

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          This sounds like a Keyboard Ready beep is occurring. You can disable this feature in BIOS Setup.


          During power on or reboot, use the F2 key at the Intel NUC splash screen to enter BIOS Setup (Visual BIOS). Click on Advanced and then Boot and then on the Boot Configuration tab. Then, do the following:


          • In the UEFI Boot (left upper) window, ensure that Startup Sound is unchecked.
          • In the Boot Display Config (right) window, ensure that Keyboard Ready Beep is unchecked.


          After making any changes, remember to save these changes as you exit from Visual BIOS.


          Hope this helps,