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    Processor question


      Hi i've been wondering about something and i've searched for it but had no luck so far.

      My question as such is about processors.

      I had a 2.6 GHz processor before but then i changed to a duo 2.2 GHz this was said to be better and i kind of remember someone telling me this was like haveing a 4 GHz processor is this true or not?


      Also how strong is a i7 930 quad 2.8 GHz which im thinking about buying now?


      Thanks for all the help!

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          I guess you swiched from an 1 core processor to a 2 core processor(duo). So you used to have 2.6 ghz and now you actually have about 4.4 ghz in total(first core(2.2) + second core(2.2) ).

          And the i7 is a really good processor I think. If I had the cash I'd certainly buy one... So my suggestion is to buy it if you can afford it...

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            No, it is not true.


            Dual core processors may not have the same performance as a single core processor if the application  that you are running does not support multi-core processors.


            A single core processor may be faster, but if you need to run several threads of information, the processor has to process one, pause it, continue with the second one, pause it, continue with the third one, etc. a dual core one can take 2 different threads at the same time so if you will se an improvement there.


            Since Windows* 2000 Service Pack 4, multi-core processors are supported by the operating system so you will see a performance upgrade within Windows*s as it divide the load between the cores and you will be able to do several things at the same time without affecting the other one.


            the Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 Processors are a completely different thing, you cant go wrong with them. The 930 will support triple channel memory that will give you great performance and it is a quad core unit with Hyper Threading that will give you up to 8 threads, this means 8 applications running at the same time!.



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              Thanks alot for answering my question was something i'd been wondering about for a few days since my old computer died on me and i had to buy a new one.

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