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    NUC7i3BNK Died - I run off 12V!


      So today my trusty NUC7i3BNK died.  I noticed there was a problem immediately as the light was off.  I run 99% of the time with 12V power.  I hope this isn't a long term issue with these units.


      It's been rock solid for 5 months, I was so pleased with this unit.


      The Green LED inside the unit turns on, but the switch does nothing to power it.  I have it auto start-up with power and it does not light up.  I am so disappointed as I use this unit to power my telescope for astrophotography and I cannot use my telescope.


      I put in a ticket with Intel, however I have no idea how long a replacement will take.  I may need to purchase a new unit in the meantime.  Some local stores no longer have the nuc7i3bnk anymore it's probably going to be phased out.